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  • Improve traffic at trade shows
  • Motivate staff
  • Thank a customer
  • Increase safety awareness



Case Studies


A large pharmaceutical company wanted to promote a heightened awareness of drugs directly to consumers by offering a rebate.

Objective: to find an inexpensive item to be redeemed by their customers which would be truly useful, as well as provide exposure for the drug.

Solution: A closed cell foam seat cushion, free with proof of purchase, was advertised in major magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens, Oprah's O, etc.

The company had such an overwhelming response they ordered three times for a total of 750,000 pieces!


A Casino Chain wanted to give a thank you gift to their preferred clientele but had a tight budget

Objective: To find a useful, inexpensive gift with a high perceived value.

Solution: A unique, custom Picnic Kit was created overseas for a fraction of the domestic retail price containing a cheese/cutting board, knife, corkscrew opener and cloth napkins.

The clients loved the piece, and the Casino was able to give something classy and unique that really represented their image.


A large Financial Institution wanted to reward their sales staff by giving a trip to Hawaii for top performers.

Objective: To have continuous reminders and incentives to inspire and motive their sales staff to perform well.

Solution: Multiple giveaways sent out monthly reflecting the theme of the destination: custom sandals, beachbags, sunglasses, sunscreen products, etc.

This program not only motivated the salespeople to perform better, but the response kept the offices competitively excited for the entire length of the contest. The number of qualifying winners set a record!